Friday, March 10, 2017

Never Ending Rain

This week has most definitely been a Western Washington week - constant pouring rain has drenched the landscape of the Pacific Northwest for days at a time, barely slowing for twenty minutes at a stretch.  If only the sky were  any more interesting than a leaden and uniform blanket blocking out the sun, but as it is there is no discernible dawn or sunrise or appreciable alteration in the clouds.

After several days the cabin fever has really started to burn, but at least the rainforest looks suitably primeval in the twilit mist and fog. Unfortunately, this ethereal atmosphere proved difficult to capture due to the rain, and so miserable was the weather that I couldn't stand to venture into the muddy woodland. I'll return to photograph this ancient forest sanctum when water no longer obscures my lens the moment I remove it from its case!

When (if) the rain does abate and the soggy mire that is every inch of unpaved ground hardens to an acceptable degree, I will venture forth to stretch my restless legs. 'Till then I'll endure this feverish little cabin of ours - I am truly looking forward to seeing the sun again.