Saturday, December 30, 2017

The epic waves of Waikiki Beach

At Waikiki Beach the raw fury of the great Pacific Ocean clashes against the craggy lighthouse topped cliffs of Cape Disappointment State Park. As the crests of the waves rise up before vaporizing in a sparkling tower of spray, their deep green hearts are revealed, portals into the hidden depths of the sea.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Close Encounter on the Crooked River

Arriving at the end of a long, dry summers day in Eastern Oregon, we pulled into Smith Rock State
Park. The excitement of seeing the towering faces of the stunning rock formations that tower over
fields and desert scrubland never dwindles with repeated visits. However, on this occasion we were
more interested in setting up camp and jumping into the cool river waters than in admiring the views.
As it turned out, the water was only cool in comparison with the air - still heavy even with the sun
close on the horizon, and thick with the heady scent of baking sagebrush.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Winter snow, Summer heat - the perfect adventure at Mt. Rainier

December is typically a difficult month for outdoor adventuring in the Pacific Northwest. Weeks at a
time may pass without an unobstructed glimpse of the sun as it skulks briefly across the southern horizon for those precious few hours every day. Not even the ski slopes appeal, if they are open at all - the best of the snow not swirling in till around Christmas. There was no way I was missing out this week on the first streak of sunny skies I can remember experiencing in the first quarter of the month.