Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wild Olympics: Wonders of the Quinault Rainforest

There is no forest more incredibly alive than that to be found in the wild northwest corner of the Pacific Northwest - an island of incredible biodiversity the scale of which boggles the mind and fires the soul. From the tidepools on the rugged wave tossed coast to the glaciers tumbling from mountain peaks into the great green carpet of the timeless rainforest.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Flying over Astoria's John Day River

The John Day river is a quite coastal river merging with the mighty Columbia river just a few miles before it empties in to the Pacific Ocean. Spruce bogs and house boats line its banks, gulls wheel overhead, and fisherman ply its briny tide-infused waters.

I found the marsh forest downstream of the boat launch where I flew to be particularly interesting, as it was practically impossible to view from the ground, and completely impenetrable to exploration otherwise. The huge old spruce trees seem to rise out of a lake of tangled brush and deciduous trees - what a mysterious and wonderful place!