Thursday, November 24, 2016

Autumn bounty - photo gallery & timelapse video

Happy Thanksgiving! After badly neglecting Illuminations from the Attic this fall I decided to bring you some of the best of my autumn photographs. Our gardens were bountiful indeed this year - honeycrisp apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, and a few potatoes made their way to our table. The trees also put on a spectacular show, and I've included a few of my finest photographs of fall foliage. I hope you enjoy this visual feast as much as that laid upon your table.

Friday, November 4, 2016

For the sake of our public lands, please vote!

I cannot stress how important public lands are for me, and not just for the obvious reason of recreation. If I were never to visit a park again I would still take comfort and joy in the knowledge that the wild places I love are still wild and pristine. Public land is owned by us all; it is the common ground we all can share, and America would not be the same country without its parks and forests. However, all that could change this year.