Monday, March 13, 2017

FeatherLite Survival Kit Review

I have a confession to make - I don’t always carry the ten essentials. Worse still, I often don’t even carry a large percentage of those essentials. I don’t carry a knife, I leave the compass at home, I forget the fire starting materials, I leave the flashlight on the kitchen counter, and the emergency shelter gathers dust in the closet. The fact is that I’ll sacrifice safety if it means fitting in an extra camera lens. However, the Featherlite Survival Kit 3.0 by Ultimate Survival Technologies might change that for me.

Things don’t always go according to plan, and I’ve long been aware of my typical lack of preparedness when it come to the gear I carry. The Featherlite Survival Kit checks many of the boxes that I so often leave empty. It includes emergency blankets for shelter, ponchos for extra clothing, a tiny flashlight and glow sticks for light sources, a compass, a sparkwheel and tinder for fire starting material, a knife, compressed towels, and a mirror and whistle for signalling purposes. It includes enough equipment for two people (the glow sticks, towels, ponchos, and emergency blankets come in pairs) or if you’re solo you’d have backup gear in case your poncho ripped or your space blanket blew away.

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The following is a quick look at the individual items included in the kit:

Emergency Blankets
Lightweight and waterproof, these blankets reflect heat and provide insulation, as well as a barrier to wind and rain. They can also be used as a signalling device.

Emergency Poncho
The obvious use is, of course, to wear and keep the rain off, but they could also be used as ground cloths to sleep on, or as a shelter. Additionally you could use these for collecting water.

Light Sticks
They’re light sticks - not much more that can be said!

JetScream Micro whistle
An exceedingly loud whistle! The manual cautions to only use it in case of emergencies - it’s not kidding!

Button Compass.
A tiny compass that can be affixed to a strap or a band.

Starflash Micro Signal Mirror
This is a clever thing - you aim using the star in the middle of the mirror to send a signal accurately to a target.

Klip Biner Knife
A handy combination, and the blade is very sharp.

Moonforce LR41 flashlight
A truly tiny little flashlight. It won’t provide as much light as a larger light of course, but it’d work in a pinch, and it’s so small that it weighs practically nothing and takes up no room at all.

Wetfire All-Weather Tinder
Considering how incredibly wet it is here in Western Washington, I’d need something like this to get a fire started in an emergency!

This clever little gadget uses a metal wheel and a bit of flint to create a shower of sparks. Be careful when opening the little tube it comes in though, the spare pieces of flint would be easily lost!

In conclusion, I think this is an ideal way to carry a good portion of the ten essentials that weighs as little as possible and uses a minimum of valuable space. I can easily recommend the FeatherLite Survival Kit 3.0 to anyone in the market for a space and weight conscious way to carry essential emergency gear.

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