Friday, March 9, 2018

Joby Gorillapod Action Tripod Review

Every photographer needs a small tripod to compliment their full size tripod. There are just situations where you can't have a full size tripod, or where you simply want to cut down on  weight and bulk. For this purpose the obvious choice is probably the Gorillapod - a flexible, compact, and lightweight means of camera support.

The Joby Gorillapod Action tripod is very similar to Joby's other products. You can flex and bend it around just about anything to be used in all manner of circumstances. One of my favorite things about this flexibility is the fact that you can affix a camera at just about any height so long as there is something to you can clamp it onto.

The only real distinguishing feature for the Gorillapod "action" is that it has a quick release plate with a mount for action cameras like the Gopro. It also comes with a standard 1/4" screw quick release plate for use with other tripods.

On the topic of build quality, it's pretty good in general. All plastic of course, but it feels like high quality plastic. The one caveat in this regard, and possibly my only gripe with the Gorillapod Action is the fact that I suspect it's no more durable as its predecessors. The one that I used for years before replacing it with this one has loose joints, including one that routinely pops out its socket. However, it's seen some very hard use, and with all that wear and tear I wouldn't expect any tripod to function perfectly after what it's been through!

The head is much more useful than my older Gorillapod - with a simple twist of a knob it is possible to adjust the rotation and angle of the head. The simplicity of this system is ideal for quick setup - something that is necessary for the intended use of  a Gorillapod. The plate is secure on the head, but is easily released when necessary. I love that it has an integrated bubble level, which is especially useful for timelapses of landscapes where a level horizon can be critical.

There's really not much more to say - the Joby Gorillapod Action is a great little tripod that I have no trouble recommending.