Friday, September 18, 2020

Bridges in the Smoke - Mt. St. Helens Aerial Panoramas


The mountains lie hidden beneath a choking veil of toxic smoke that cloaks Mt. St. Helens as it does the entire West Coast of the United States. The dark forests and silent valleys are thick with the stench of millions of acres vanished in flame and burning ash. Even so many miles from the blazes that have torched Oregon, California, and Washington State the smog of these infernos has consumed the Pacific Northwest in its entirety. I flew my drone through this sickly stillness, driving ever higher into the mountains and launching from lofty viewpoints, but never could I rise above the haze and murk. I returned home stinking of smoke, having documented this historic catastrophe.

I really payed for this little adventure when I got home. My clothes absolutely reeked of smoke and my throat and lungs hurt despite having worn a mask. I'll definitely need to clean my Mavic 2 Pro out before I fly it again, but it was worth it to capture this footage. Fortunately the air is much improved this morning after a night of heavy rain, though air quality is still poor by comparison to pre-fire days.

In case you missed it, here's my video from earlier this week that I captured down in the lowlands.