Monday, January 1, 2018

DJI Spark First Flight Photo and video gallery

Giant Sequoia surrounded by goat trails in the field. 
I finally have a drone! The DJI Spark is the latest addition to my photographic tool kit, and I don't know of any other piece of gear that has done more to expand my creativity. Everything looks totally different from the air - even with just a few dozen feet one can look down and see patterns otherwise indiscernible.

Heavy rains kept me from flying for several days, but it was worth the wait for the temporary lakes in nearby fields!

Tree shadows on the marsh.

Big Leaf Maple Tree

I'm still learning to fly and figuring out what the Spark is capable of. I'm planning to publish more footage, photos, tutorials, and eventually a full review. For now I'm headed out to find some place not shrouded by thick fog so that I fly today!

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