Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Signs of Spring: Part 4


Green- that is the word to describe April in Washington; a rainbow of verdant hues carpets the forests and fields, with only a few stubborn trees clinging to their drab winter garb. In past weeks I was able to photograph every sign of spring-not now! Every morning there are a dozen new plants springing from the ground, new leaves budding from barren branches, flowers bursting into bloom fast as fireworks in July.

Left: Flowering Current,      Above: Maple blossom

Top left: Cherry blossoms

Right/below: Young Fern Fronds

Left: Narcissus,
 Top right: 
Cherry blossoms, 

Bottom right: Huckleberry leaves
A sparrow takes advantage of the sunny spring weather in the bird bath.

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  1. Love all the photos, Andy. One of the ferns unfolding resembles a treble clef sign. And the maple leaf unfolding is really unusual. Keep on photo-ing!