Friday, March 14, 2014

Signs of Spring: part 2

Spring is definitely closing in on Southwest Washington. The grass is turning green and buds are swelling on every tree. Gardens are turning a vivid yellow as daffodils burst into bloom. 

The cheeping of many chicks now fills the local feed stores, and our kitchen is host to two lively baby turkeys. They are perhaps the most personable farmyard birds that I've ever encountered, and are now firmly imprinted on us. They grow greatly distressed if no one is in the room with them, and will fall asleep instantly when we hold them in our hands. However, they are growing weary of the confines of their cage, and we have been letting them out on the kitchen floor. It is the funniest thing to see them chase each other madly around the room, barely coordinated enough to stay on their feet! They are also surprisingly clean; chickens, ducks and peacocks can raise the most awful stink, but you cannot smell these two turkeys unless you put your nose right by their cage! Earlier today, one ran up my leg, jumped to my arm and made its way to my shoulder, where it sat quite contentedly and for some period of time.  My parrot "Crikey" sat on my opposite shoulder, and he was not at all pleased with the situation! They are growing like mad, and will likely need to be relocated to the outdoors within a few weeks. 

The first official day of spring draws nigh!


Frosted Forsythia

Daffodil bud