Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow at last in the Mt. St. Helens High Country.

Late afternoon sunshine on fresh snow in the Mt. St. Helens high country.

An imposing bank of fog.
      For most of the winter the mountains around Mt. St. Helens have seen little snow. However, recent storms have laid down several feet of the white stuff, and the hills are now covered in a comforting blanket, lessening fears of a summer drought. Thick fog banks cloaked many of the high peaks Sunday, and the low angle of the sun caused valley hugging fluff to suddenly go dark and thunderous one moment and then collapse in a wave of ethereal tendrils the next.

Swirling clouds and snow-coated trees.


  1. Andy, the photo of that bank of fog approaching is so impressive! (of course the others were, too....)