Sunday, January 17, 2016

Soft powder and brilliant ice, a Mt. St. Helens photo gallery

 Now that the terrible drought that stalked the Pacific Northwest has finally abated, it is a joy to once
again be able to stomp my way through soft powder amongst the lofty forested highlands of Mt. St. Helens. The long time bereft of snow made me realize how much I had taken it for granted in years past. Not only did I miss the soft, cold silence it brings in winter, but also the flowers that rise from the melting drifts come summer. It sustains the glaciers, nourishes the rivers, and quells the firestorms that rise in the heady heat of august. I, for one, will never take the miserable weather of a traditional Pacific Northwest winter for granted again. At least until the cabin fever sets in!

  Deep snow on Mt. St. Helens

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Salal Review Arts Magazine now accepting submissions!

Hello everyone!
       This semester at LCC I'll be editing their award winning arts magazine: The Salal Review. We are looking for a wide variety of visual art work.

Check out our previous issues:

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mindshift Panorama 180 Backpack Review

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Hiking gear problems have long been an obsession for me. Aching shoulders? Add some padding. Extra weight banging on the back of my pack? Get a bigger one and put everything inside. Everything soaked after a day of hiking in the rain? Carry a hiking umbrella. But one problem I hadn’t been able to solve was how to safely and comfortably carry my DSLR.
In my basement, I have a box of rejected camera bags. I have a sling bag that holds the camera gear, but little else. I have a small, over the shoulder bag that holds only the camera, but can be worn with a backpack on. It generally results in an aching neck after a day out hiking. I have tried hiking with this bag stuffed in a rucksack or backpack, but it is impossible to take it out for a quick shot. I kept imagining a bag that would ride comfortably on my back, with room for extra gear and somehow be easy to access, and thought I would never find one. Enter the Mindshift Panorama 180. Read more.....