Walkabout at Mima Mounds

Spectacular April Sunset Timelapse

Mt. Rainier Timelapse

White Pass Ski Area Timelapse

Spring Sunset Timelapse

Mt. St. Helens Timelapse

Mt. St. Helens Snowshoeing Adventure:

Giant waves at Cape Dissapointmeny/climbing the Astoria Column

Supermoon Timelapse

A journey Through Heather Meadows Timelapse

Spectacle Lake Timelapse


  Clouds over Silver Lake 


Southwest Washington Timelapse

Timelapse of blooming daffodils

The first flower of spring: Timelapse of a Crocus blooming

                        Timelapse of winter in Southwest Washington      

                     Building a greenhouse: A timelapse construction:   

                                       Lake of the Angels Timelapse